Isn’t it time to ditch that unhealthy  lifestyle?

Isn’t it time get off the couch and rev up your energy levels?

But how? Easy. All that’s required of you is to adopt these free diet tips. That’s right. Reclaim your health with the five following diet and exercise tips that don’t cost you a thing.

“Diet tips for success”

Let’s get started.

If weight loss is your primary aim here’s all you do. Simply burn more calories each day than you consume.

Yes it really is that easy. Especially if you take it a day at a time.

For instance if you want to lose a pound a week simply cut out 500 calories every day. This adds up to 3500 calories a week which should help you to lose about one pound. Sure that doesn’t sound impressive. But a slow sustained weight loss like that will keep those extra pounds off forever.

To that end, for some a low carb diet works wonders. At least to get you off to a fast start. Success here depends on eating the low to medium GI carbs or low Glycemic Index carbohydrates. They contain low levels of sugar.

You see high GI carbs are loaded with sugar. Spiking your blood sugar levels makes you crave more carbohydrates. To avoid that pick fruits and vegetables like papaya, grape fruit, melons, sprouts, greens, broccoli and peppers. Whole wheat bread and pasta are healthier too.

A healthy balanced diet is the secret not only for weight loss but also for healthy skin and hair. A wholesome high protein diet with minerals, calcium, selenium and vitamins can help prevent hair loss. As a result your skin will glow and your hair will shine with health.

Here’s a little known tip for balding men. A low fat diet might just slow the balding process.

What about some diet tricks that work? For example if you want to eat a high calorie snack, work for it. Get moving doing odd jobs around the house before eating to offset the caloric intake.

And it can’t hurt to compliment sandwiches with low calorie veggies.

Another diet trick is to have a cup of green tea. It’s the best way to supercharge your body with antioxidants. It’s also an easy way to help breakdown excess fat in your body.

Celebrity crash diets are said to be good. Some swear by the detox diet where only fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and water are permitted. Toxins are flushed out and you end up losing weight and feeling good. Still you might want to take this advise with a grain of salt. Although in general additional servings of fruit and vegetables are said to increase your chances of living longer

Here’s something to avoid – skipping meals. You see it’s a myth that doing so or going on a fast will help lose weight. That’s because the problem is, without food, your body turns to muscle cells for energy. And less muscle means a lower metabolic rate. When metabolic rate is low you actually put on weight.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol as they interfere with your fitness regimen. Wine however is good for health. The chemical compounds in wine are good for the heart and bones.

Still dieting alone is not enough. You also need to get more physically active. Your goal? Exercise for 30 minutes, five times a week to help with weight loss. Jogging, walking, running and swimming are ideal. You could even work out at the gym. If you decide to workout in the park, early in the morning, you would benefit from both vitamin D exposure and oxygen packed air.

If dance is your passion, shake a leg and lose weight. Did you know vigorous dancing can help burn as many calories as a gym workout? Ballroom dancing could help you expend 180-480 calories. While belly dancing burns 180-300 calories swing dance 250-400 and salsa dancing 400.